helping make a difference in the local livelihood

Despite being a major tourist spot, Siem Reap is amazingly one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia with the poverty rate of 51.8%, according to CONCERT Cambodia. While the minimum cost of food is generally 0.5$ a meal for a person, the definition of the poverty line in Cambodia is as low as 14$/month.

Peace Cafe Fair Trade Shop partners  with organizations such as Human and Hop Association, Grace Gecko, Vocational Center for Women, PURE! Dream Centre, Journeys Within Our Community, Life & Hope Organization, HUSK Community, RAJANA Crafts Organization, etc. These organizations enable the communites in Lor Lei, Siem Reap, and Pouk district to improve their economic situation and self-esteem through breaking a cycle of dependency. Your proceeds further the skill base of Khmer traditional arts and crafts such as weaving which includes krarma, blankets and hammocks, books and cards, pottery, children’s paintings, etc. Your support for these grassroots organizations are helping people to come out of poverty.